Stock Market Investing for Beginners 101: Everything You Need to Start Making Money Today


Stock Market Investing for Beginners

Learn to make money in the stock market, even if you’ve never traded before.

The stock market is the greatest opportunity machine ever created.

Are you ready to get your piece of it?

Real Customer Reviews

“An excellent work for novice investors. This book is especially valuable for high school and college students and anyone who is new to investing. This should be the first book read by a beginning investor.ÔÇØ-Former J.P. Morgan Analyst

ÔÇ£This book is written in language fit for any aspiring investor!ÔÇØ -Amazon Customer

ÔÇ£This book taught me a lot about investing, stock, and strategy to become a good investor.ÔÇØ – Amazon Customer.

3 Reasons Why This is the Best Stock Market Investing Book For Beginners

1. Unlike other authors, I am a 16 year old author who can beat the market. As a young investor, I have a unique perspective on investing that no other author nor investor has.
2. My strategy is safe. Many books that I have read give strategies that put many new and experienced investors in a position to take too much risk, but not my strategy. My strategy is safe, proven, and easy to implement.
3. Absolutely no ÔÇ£fluffÔÇØ nor self-promotion
is included in this book. It is concise and focused on teaching YOU how to make money in stocks.

How I learned to Invest

When I started investing in the stock market, at 16 years old, it was overwhelming. There were many technical terms that I did not understand. I did not know how to find a good stock or even when to buy a stock. It was even more overwhelming that there were so many investing strategies- short selling, day trading, long-term investing; I did not know which one was the best for me. Even worse was that I did not know how to get started without the fear of losing my money.

For many months, I, the 16-year-old author who wrote this book, studied the strategies that successful investors like Warren Buffet have used to become the best. I read books like Rule 1 Investing by Phil Town, The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham, and many other beginnerÔÇÖs guides to stock market investing. After learning an easy-to-learn process for investing in stocks, I decided to start investing. My first stock quickly jumped over 30%, and my second one increased by over 15% in less than 3 months. With an average investor gaining 8% per year, I destroyed the market, gaining 25% in only 3 months. After my success, I knew that my strategy was the best for beginners and foolproof, so I wrote a book to help teach all investors how to make money in the stock market.

This strategy is so simple and effective that a 16-year-old investor was able to learn it and write a book about it. The strategy was created by a beginning investor, and for beginning investors. This is one of the only strategies that require no previous investing knowledge and this is one of the only investing strategies for dummies and beginners in 2019.

Stock Market Investing for Beginners

What YOU will learn in the best stock market investing book for beginners

The best stock market investing book for beginners will teach you the fundamentals of investing in an easy to understand and concise way. After you read this intro to the stock market, you will be able to easily beat the market and invest without fear. You will be able to 10X your money and live off of passive income. My formula and investing guide for beginners will help anyone of any age make money in the stock market by teaching YOU

ÔÇóThe Fundamentals Of Investing for Beginners

ÔÇóThe Best Time To Buy A Stock

ÔÇó3 Key Mistakes To Avoid

ÔÇóWhen To Exactly Sell A Stock

ÔÇóAnd How to Make Money in Stocks

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